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Going Complex to Keep it Simple

With increasingly complex customer requirements, accelerated product delivery and the need to reduce process costs, manufacturers today are under constant pressure to streamline their shop floor operations. The latest innovations in Manufacturing space address this need by assisting day-today shop floor task executions, and at the same time transforming it into a center for business excellence.

The next generation solutions are being designed to assist complex manufacturing landscapes with end-to-end compliance and seamless management while offering enterprise-wide visibility and control. Industry specific solutions designed for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and paper industries are increasingly taking the form of commercial off-the-shelf offerings, giving manufacturers the flexibility and cost-savings.

In addition, these solutions have the capabilities to integrate with other enterprise software such as ERP, PLM, or CRM to enable manufacturers monitor the entire business operations, starting from procurement, and production to supply chain, and sales. All these abilities are make them indispensible for manufacturers, which in turn is propelling the market to top $7.4 Bn by 2020, as stated by the Global Industry Analysts report.

In this scenario, our goal with this special edition is to highlight companies that offer best-of-breed solutions and the wisdom of thought leaders across the industry. This edition blends articles

from subject matter experts with real stories on what selected vendors are doing for their clients, including exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs.

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Top Companies

eFlex Systems is a manufacturing and information systems service provider in the development and execution of sophisticated technology and world-class assembly development alternatives. To satisfy evolving business requirements, eFlex Systems can assist users in reaching the correct equilibrium of technology and lean production values. As a worldwide client base, eFlex Systems are continuing to grow knowledge in optimizing manufacturing installation. In order to attract the latest clients and maintain their connection with current customers, the company relies on the credibility of eFlex Systems as a world-class production software company and consulting company



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